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Burn More than 400 calories in less than 30 minutes of work - The most advanced full-body workout in the world.

Are you overweight?
Don't like the way you look? Laughing at you all the time and you do not know how to deal with it?

Do you feel that as time goes on, you only get fatter and fatter and feel bad about your body?

You are going to find out now how to stop this phenomenon once and for all! Get rid of this annoying fat with an innovative and groundbreaking approach...

Every summer, most women in the world start to imagine themselves in a hot bikini.

It happens mostly during the hottest times of the year starting in May, you start imagining yourself in a hot bikini, start thinking about your body on a bikini.

But wait a minute, you suddenly see an annoying belly fat that has accumulated there for a while,
the space you had between your legs disappears, your face looks fatter and of course You suddenly see that your sexy bikini does not fit well as you thought …

With a little help of an innovative and revolutionary device, you can end this
forever !

A full-body workout that builds your core and your muscles at the same time, using a smart hula hoop device that
won't fall and works automatically.

n less than 30 minutes of work, you can burn over 400 calories and most important keep those results for months.

4 Best Features of Hoopy 

 The 4 Benefits of "Hoopy" for long time


The multi-trainer device for toning and shaping the body is an automatic hula hoop for home or outdoor use, that has multiple options such as:

2 in 1 massage, multi- training system with 24 difficulty levels of workout.

Burning 5x Belly Fat

This Exellent device tights to your belly when starting a workout, works on your core and your muslces in the same time.

It emphasizes the pressure
and squezze your adombinals 5x more and that helps you enhance your metabolism and burn extra belly fat in less time.

Ultra Shaping

This device has the ability target that annoying fat that you gained over time, due to a poor and unhealthy diet or lack of exercise.

The Ultra Shaping:
It squeeze your belly and works on your muscles from diffrent angels and that gives you the prefect workout expirence.

It helps you clean your body naturaly and tone your body that makes you look fitter

Easy To Use & Portable

The device works with an automatic system and professional american physiological technique, the device tights to the body before you start training.

Easy to use, just press the button to START/STOP also, the product size is just 1.65KG. You can workout with this wherever you want on your time.

    Train Diffrently.


Automatic Spining, 30 mintues workout.

The device based on automtic smart sysyem that start spining automaticly when you press the bottun. The device tights your belly and start spinng without worring about falling or stop working.

its a 30 minutes full-body workout works both on your core and your muslces, fast, intense and burns more than 400 calories each time.

Perfect for any physical level .

This product have 24 diffuculties from the easiest to the expert level. Fits for any trainer, choose your own level of workout according to your fitness level and your stamina.

Easy and short or hard and intense.

Cheaper than 1 month  membership at gym.

Based on "Healthline Media" magazine : "The average monthly cost of a gym membership is $67, but in cities like Brooklyn, monthly spending tops $100." 

While this amazing item costs just 59.99$ (with 40% off discount) one time payment and you can start workout !

2 in 1 Massager

This Device has the ablility to squezze your muscles and deliver the blood stream faster to your muscles.

With its automatic system you can work levels 1-10 with low pressure option to recovering the pain.

It helps you and your body recover faster and easier from an injury, workout or even shreded muscles.

Recover Faster And Easier.

Lightweight & Portable

Easy to use, just press the button to START/STOP also, the product size is just 1.65KG. You can workout with this wherever you want on your time.

Jenifer's Transformation With Hoopy

My Own Success: How i've lost 25 lbs in 4 months with Hoopy.

I started having a lot of health issues.
My back was hurting all the time. I had PCOS and I was on the spectrum for pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. I love to ride horses — I have my entire life — and I couldn’t anymore. I became super insecure and fat and I stopped going out with my friends because of that.

Meanwhile, my mom and my grandma were both following some weight loss program on TV, and they lost 10 and 8 lbs. They had tried getting me on board for years, and in Jan. 2020, after long period of time i decided that i couldn't handle my body, i hate my body and start thinking on how i can lose belly fat fast.

In February 2020
i bought this product, i won't lie i was very sceptical and didn't think that i could really lose that much fat with 30 minutes workout a day, sounds fake, isn't it?

But, i started training with Hoopy, at first i wasn't that hard and after a while i even start enjoying training with it. For the first time of my life i felt alive, felt amazing with my body, it squezzes my muscles and work on both body and core and thats awsome, you dont need any other complicated workouts in the gym.

Finally, after 4 months of work with Hoppy i was able to lose 25 lbs with 30 mintues training a day, it burns 5x fat i have lost 10% body fat in less than 4 months, isn't that amazing?
I loved this device works like a magic but its real and very cheap actually (i paid just 59.99$ and got it within 7 days, its even cheaper than my last gym membership...)

Would absolutely recommend this device for every woman that wants to lose fat fast with efficient and smart training.
A Little Secret:
Jenifer is now a health coach, and helps people "get healthy." “I tell people that before I felt like I had a mental cloud over my head. I didn't always put me first,” she says. “My whole life has changed.

How This Device Works

The device works with an automatic system based on an american professional physiological technique, the device tights to the body before you start training.

Thus, the device accelerates the body's metabolism and encourages faster fat burning which helps your body and makes your body look tighter, and that's making you look fitter for long time.


What Customers Think

Perfectly packed, exact product to description, very happy with the product delivery.

  - Abigail Williams -

Super hoop! Qualitatively made. twist pleasantly to the body. massage is felt. delivery by courier is very fast.

- Rose Shwartz -

They were very quick, very respectful and answered the messages quickly 10/10

 - Ella Marshall -

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